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Graphic Design

Web designing is prerequisite for web application. If look and feel is not attactive, your site could be fail in competion. We design the site, design logo and many graphics design. From special-niche customers and brokers, to the end-user consumer on both small and large scales, RedGreenBD has plenty of experience assisting a wide array of clients. For over 05 years, We developed award-winning graphic solutions for its customers.

We have no fixed charge for graphic design. It depends on design requirements. In case of web development, sometimes it is included in packages (but not for all time). Generally the charge of Logo design is 500 BDT, the Add design is 800 BDT and the Banner design is 1000 BDT.

RedGreenBD works as part of the project design team often providing imaging, developing names and creating an identity to reflect the projects goals for public information and marketing. RedGreenBD continues to expand and fine-tune its design services to provide graphics that work well in a variety of media, specializing in total identity packages including brand, stationery, brochures, annual reports and signage.


Expert system analyst

Skilled project managers

Large set of development team

Qualified software engineers

Large set of development team