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Hardware Providing

Desktops, laptops, servers, Netbooks, modems and routers, printers, memory sticks - RedGreenBD specializes in diagnosing your problem, and providing the solutions you need and keep your systems up and running. For business owners, RedGreenBD is your off-site IT department. We can help design and configure your system, hardware and software, and keep it updated and running. Nothing is more important to us than your computers and network, and keeping them working as they should.

There are hundreds of different makes and types of hardware and it would not be possible to keep a stock of them all. It is for this reason that limited stocks are immediately available at any time. This benefits customers two fold, because only the latest and most competitively priced hardware is supplied. Some computer outlets and service providers recommend hardware they have in stock because it is to their advantage to sell it. Rest assured Weald computing will only provide hardware that suits the client and never mis-sells products.

We are Your Source For The Best in Computer Service and Repair. RedGreenBD is your complete resource for both personal and business technology services. RedGreenBD understands the priorities of technology and how it relates to your life and your business. There is no need to wait in line or get the runaround as a number at a big box service center. RedGreenBD is your personal provider for computer solutions and repair.


Expert system analyst

Skilled project managers

Large set of development team

Qualified software engineers

Large set of development team